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As I get older and remember all the people I lost among the way


I think about how I’ll go one day too. I’ve struggled so much, endured so many hardships only to realize it doesn’t matter now. Maybe I should’ve made an effort to be happier, but does it really matter now? I’m just going to die anyway, just like them. Maybe I’ll never come up with an answer, but it won’t matter soon enough.

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I went to the bathroom, and couldn’t remember why I went


So I’m standing there in the bathroom, and I think, hmm, maybe I needed to use the toilet.

I use the toilet, but, no, that wasn’t why I went to the bathroom.

So then I see my toothbrush, and I think, well, I’m here, I might as well brush my teeth. I brush and floss my teeth, and no, that’s not why I went here either.

While I’m there, I shaved, but no, that’s not why I came into the bathroom.

I heard a tip that if you can’t remember what you were doing, go to where you originally were, and there might be something that jogs your memory. So I go back to the living room, and yes, the trick worked! I remembered why I wanted to go to the bathroom! Uncle Joe was having a heart attack, I was getting the thrombolytics.

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