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A man finds himself in pure darkness…


Attempting to search for a light source, he waves his arms around.

Feeling a button, he clicks it and a television screen activates. A creature in a strange mask appears.

The strange being then opens it mouth, saying,”I want to play a game.”

The man, in horror, can merely stare as the monster explains the rules of this horrific ‘game’.

“There are ten boxes. Under one, is a ball, under another is a pail and under the rest is nothing.”

“You have to kick the ball if you wish to be freed from this place. Otherwise, you die or are trapped here for as long as I please.”

“Here they are,” the entity said, gesturing to the ten fateful boxes.

“They will not be lit up when you kick the items within them. Choose wisely, human.”

At this moment, the lights switched off.

Mortified, the man followed the path to the boxes. He lifted up his shaking hands, prepared to lift whichever one he chose.

He felt the mocking cardboard laugh at him, threatening to take his life away.

Perhaps this was his punishment, or maybe he was in purgatory. It seemed bad enough.

Oh, the humanity! Trapped in a dark room, with the odds of escaping almost nothing!

In a swift motion, he lifted up a box, hoping to kick the ball.

Instead, he kicked the bucket.

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