Mexican jokes

A Mexican man cannot find work and finally heads home for the evening.


On his way home, he finds a cross at the bottom of a hill. So he kneels and prays to God, “Please God, let me find a way to feed my family”.

At the top of this hill, a black man was walking home from grocery shopping when the bottom of his bag gave out and a cheese wheel rolled straight down towards the Mexican man.

When the Mexican man opened his eyes, lo-and-behold, there was a gigantic wheel of cheese at his feet. Overjoyed, he picked up the cheese and ran all the way home. He showed his wife the cheese and said “Look what God has provided us! The most glorious cheese I have ever seen! And, my fair wife, we must make Nachos with this cheese!”

The wife looked perplexed, and asked, “Why husband? Why must we make nachos?”

The man stood up and proclaimed, “Because God talked to me. As I was running home, he kept telling me “That’s Not’cho Cheese!!! That’s Not’cho Cheese!!!”

(Can’t remember the comedian who told this on tv like 25 years ago. But best joke ever)

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A farmer’s daughter has 3 suitors; a mexican, a black guy, and a white guy


The farmer takes all 3 suitors to his farmland and tells them, “go into my fields and gather as many of one fruit as you can hold in both arms and return here”. Several minutes pass before the white guy gets back with an arm full of grapes. The farmer says “pull down your pants and get on your knees. Insert one grape at a time in your anus and if you make a sound i will blow your head off with a shotgun” the white guy gets 3 or 4 grapes in before one of them pops and he yelps and dies. After the farmer cleans up the mess, the mexican comes back with an arm full of bananas amd the farmer tells him the same thing. The mexican gets the first one in like a champ, second one no problem, then on the third one he cracks up laughing and dies. When he gets to heaven the white guy asks “what the fuck man you were doing so good! What was so funny?” the mexican replies “i saw the black guy coming down with five

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