Korean jokes

A Korean man and a Jewish man are in a bar, total strangers to one another.


The Jewish man walks up to the Korean man and, totally unprompted, punches him in the face.

Naturally, the Korean man goes “What was that for?”

The Jewish man responds, “That was for Pearl Harbor.”

“Pearl Harbor? That was the Japanese,” says the Korean man.

“Ah, Korean, Chinese, Japanese — you guys are all the same.”

Looking not to argue, they part ways.

Later in the night, the Korean man walks up to the Jewish man, and punches him in the face as well.

“Okay, okay, I get it — that’s fair. I punched you, you punched me, but what was that for?”

“That was for the titanic,” says the Korean man.

“The Titanic? That was an iceberg.”

“Yeah — Greenberg, Goldberg, Iceberg. You’re all the same.”

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