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One of my Grandfather’s old jokes


Hey there, my Grandfather recently passed away. The man was known for his light-hearted personality and his love for either seeing the humor in all things and his love for jokes! Therefore, I have a few to share for you. They’re real zingers, I promise!

Three guys apply for a job at a construction site and go to meet the foreman. The foreman say “Alright, well I’d love to hire you all however we only have room to hire one person right now so I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Whoever can take one of those bricks over there and throw it the highest will be hired”.

So, the first guy whose looking fairly confident walks up, grabs a brick and kind of weighs it in his hand. He looks up, and tosses is as high as he can. It goes up about two and a half stories before coming down. He walks past the other two and confidently says “good luck beating that!”

So the second guy walks up, same thing, picks up a brick and looks it over and then tosses it up as high as he can. This time, the brick goes up about 3 and a half stories before coming down. He looks over to the other two man with a smirk and then steps aside.

The third guy is kind of scrawny and looks a little nervous, but he walks up to the pile and grabs a White brick. He takes that white brick, winds up, and tosses it as high as he can…and it never comes down!

Zing! My grandfather was a funny dude.

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While my wife was in labor I read her jokes to distract her from the pain, but she didn’t seem amused…


**It must have been the delivery.**


* I meant to note that I originally posted this as a comment in another joke, but thought I’d try it as a stand-alone joke

* This is literally a true story. She gave birth to an amazing little girl on Tuesday evening.

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