carpenter jokes

Little Johnny always wanted to be a carpenter…


A house was being built across the street and he asks his mother if he can go watch the carpenters work. His mom agrees and says

“Maybe you will learn something.” So he sits on a stump all day and watches the men work. After they finish for the day little Johnny goes home and his mother asks “Well, Johnny, did you learn anything today?”

“Yeah! A lot” said little Johnny. His mom says “Tell me about it, what did you learn?

“Well, its not easy to put up a door. You try to put the mother fucker up but that shit doesn’t fit, so you take it down and shave a cunt hair off each side. Then you put that cocksuckin bitch back up.”

Johnny’s mother, in shock, exclaims angrily “Johnny! That’s terrible! Just wait till your father gets home!”

A few hours later his father comes home and little Johnny tells him the same story. His father gets really upset and says “Johnny! Go out back and fetch me a switch!”

Little Johnny replies “Fuck you, that’s the electrician’s job!”

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