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A Hindu, a Jew and a lawyer are traveling, taking a scenic route through the country when their car breaks down…


It’s too late in the day to call a tow truck, so they walk up the road to a small farmhouse to ask for help.

They knock on the door and the farmer warmly greets them. They explain the situation and he says that he doesn’t have he necessary equipment to tow them, but if they would like to stay, he has spare room for only two of them in the house. One would have to sleep in the barn.

Since they really have no option, the three men argue for a bit over who would be the one to sleep in the barn. The Jewish man volunteers to sleep in the barn and they all go to their respective beds.

About an hour later, there is a knock on the door. The farmer opens the door and finds the Jewish man who says “Forgive me for this. I didn’t realize that there was a pig in the barn. I simply cannot stay there tonight.” The farmer, understanding of this issue, says that it’s fine, but there is still only room for two people in the house. So they all are awake and they argue again over who will sleep in the barn. This time the Hindu man says he will sleep in the barn. They all go to bed again.

Another hour passes and then comes another knock on the door. The farmer, slightly annoyed this time, opens the door to find the Hindu man, who apologetically says, “I didn’t realize there was a cow in the barn. I cannot sleep there.” Again, everybody is awake and there is not even an argument this time. The aggravated lawyer says, “Fine! Since you two are so picky, I guess I’ll just sleep in the barn!” And they all go to bed again.

An hour passes, yet another knock on the door…

It’s the pig and the cow.

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In a terrible car accident, 3 nuns die at the same time


They all appear in front of the gates of Heaven to meet Saint Peter. When they arrive, Peter informs them that those who lived a life of the cloth must answer some basic questions about theology before they are permitted to enter Heaven. Each of the nuns has studied their bible well, so they don’t feel worried by this. The first nun steps forward and tells the saint that she’s ready.

“Who was the first woman?” Peter asks. “That’s easy!” exclaims the nun. “Eve!”. Peter smiles, the bells toll, and the gates of Heaven open.

The second nun, encouraged by her colleague’s easy pass, steps forwards and tells Peter that she’s ready as well.

“Who was the first man?” Peter asks. “Easy! That’s Adam!” says the nun, excitedly. Peter smiles, the bells toll, and the gates of Heaven open.

The third nun is now confident that she won’t have any trouble, and steps up to face Peter’s question. “What were Eve’s first words to Adam?” he asks. “My, that’s a hard one,” the nun replies worriedly, but Peter smiles, the bells toll, and the gates of Heaven open…

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