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There are trillions of pieces of trash in our oceans and that number grows everyday.

Our company, JunkMail, strives to help clean our oceans, one prank at a time.

Our model is simple, we go and collect trash from our local beaches, clean in with eco-friendly cleaner, wrap it up in a nice biodegradable bag, and send it to your worst enemy with a card reading “You’re Trashy”. Each bag is labelled with the exact coordinates of where the garbage was collected, so you can see where the trash originated from.

We guarantee there’s some trashy people in your life. Recent break up? Boss being a jerk? Co-worker gets promotion? Friend gets married? Guy looks at you wrong?

We want to spread awareness about the garbage and waste problems in our oceans, and give people a comdeic way to do so.

So check us out and help SAVE OUR OCEANS!

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Why did the moon burp?


**Why did the moon burp?**

Because it was full.

**Why did the sun burp?**

Because it had too much gas.

**Why did the Earth burp?**

Over the past century, humans’ increased reliance on fossil fuels has spurred a dramatic rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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A Scottish boy stubbed his toe


A Scottish boy stubbed his toe, so went to his big sister for help. He walks in, and his sister is reading a book about cell reproduction. He yells “Sis! I stubbed me toe!” She looks and says “What? Sorry I was busy reading. It’s really interesting! I doubt you know anything about cell reproduction.” The brother replies,
“My toe sis!”

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