A duck walks into a bar

A duck walks into a bar


He hops up onto a bar stool and the bartender, after regarding him for a bit, asks him “what can I get for you, duck”?

The duck says “I’ll have a negroni,” to which the bartender nods. He’s a good customer, and has been for a long time obviously, and they often engage in philosophical banter.

“Duck,” says the bartender, “you see that horse down there? I asked him ‘why the long face’ and it turns out his family was killed when lightning struck their barn and he can still hear their screams”.

The duck pauses and looks down into his drink, and after a minute, speaks “Bartender, his family is waiting for him in the next life, a place from which our vision is obscured due to a complex barrier of biological and logical puzzles we cannot pierce as physical beings.” He sips his drink, continuing “this life, as all things – including his pain – is transitory and we are all destined to be one in the great hereafter. Please send him a gin and soda and my regards”. The bartender asks, “should I…put it on your bill?”
Though he does have a running tab, the duck shakes his head, “no, today I’ll pay for this one in cash”.

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